If you are moving from country, you might have to buy new furniture for your home. And that's where comes the famous IKEA store.

IKEA is a network of eco friendly store that sells furniture and fixtures for home prices well into account.

The network has stores in more than 34 countries. Only in Portugal, are 5 stores: Alfragide, Loures, Matosinhos, Braga and Loulé.

The store offers all type of furniture you assemble your home or equip your kitchen, and you buy yourself collects and assembles, or you can hire the delivery and assembly of the furniture part.

IKEA é a sigla the Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd: Ingvar Kamprad (founder of the store), Elmtaryd (name of the farm where he grew up) e Agunnaryd (his hometown in Smaland, Southern Sweden) . To learn more store, click on here.

I love me lose the store and imagine all home decor every time I go there, and if you prepare, it is impossible to get out of there only buying what you have on your list.

The store is quite large, as soon as you arrive already have a ladder to the beginning of space and a catalog so you can go now choosing their mobile.

Along the way, has maps hanging from the ceiling so you can see your location and how to get the desired shop space.

There are some shortcuts you can use to avoid going through all areas and has come out, for example, no restaurant.

And I recommend you to pause in purchases to try the food there, meatballs and salmon are succulent.

To facilitate your purchases,IKEA offers at strategic points store, pencil and paper, so you can write down the reference of your product and then find them in the warehouse.

IKEA offers advantages to customers as: O IKEA FAmily, a card that is free to acquire and your users always receive exclusive offers and promotions.

Beyond, to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee, for free in the restaurant or cafeteria shop – Offer valid from Monday to Friday.

The store also offers kids space, where parents can leave their children while they do their shopping.

After finishing the shopping and having noted all references of your product, you will have access to the warehouse, o Self Service.

In the corridors of Self Service, you will have available a larger cart to fit all the boxes and lead to the cashier to make payment.

After the line of boxes, It is located part of delivery / returns, one Swedish food store and snack from IKEA with the power space.

Na lachonete, I recommend you try the hot dog, It's simple, but it is very tasty.

After all done, it's just you get home and have fun with the assembly of all your furniture and storage house.

I find it very fun and rewarding able to mount my mobile, It is a cool experience and a sense of independence.

Then you tell me here what you think to assemble your furniture, which was the difficulty?

Those who already know the store tell me what you think? And the prices, think are better account even?

In this post to tell you about the store and do not give price details, I thought it best not to compare the prices in Brazil, because the euro has a much higher value than the actual at the time of conversion.

To learn more about pricing, confer on the site IKEA.

Until next 😉


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