I love Lisbon is not news to anyone, but my top 5 Lisboa, I still do not know and I hereby present to you!

Top 1 – Casa do Alentejo

The Casa do Alentejo is located in the center of Lisbon and not everyone knows it, and above all, It is super easy to get. When leaving the Rossio metro just walk 5 minutes will already be at the door of the Casa do Alentejo

At the entrance is a beautiful main courtyard and moving toward the second floor of the Casa do Alentejo, we came across a staircase that leads to the restaurant and showroom.

It's an amazing place and I have told all about it on here. Be sure to check and add to your script.

Top 2 – Palace of Ginja

It is a shop specializing in Ginja, the most traditional liquor here in Portugal, which is made from fruja Ginja. It is a place that brings together tradition, history and all the beauty of a palace in its decoration.

In addition to having the whole experience in tasting the sour cherry liqueur or bleed cherry, you can buy the boxes that come with cherry and chocolate cups to give away to someone and it is super convenient to pack to take as a souvenir to Brazil or anywhere in the world.

The Giftbox Ginja Palace were made in 4 colors and each one represents a town of Portugal.

Red is Lisbon. The green represents the Port. The rose is Sintra. The dark blue represents Portugal.

And in all the boxes, is represented by symbols the sights of Portugal and each of the represented cities.

The Palace of Ginja, is on Rua da Prata, very close to all the sights of downtown Lisbon.

Top 3 – Sao Jorge's Castle

No Top 5 Lisboa, can not miss the Castle of São Jorge is one of the main sights of Lisbon, a 360º view of the city and the Tagus River is stunning and the castle is surrounded by history.

Upon arriving at the Castle, logo has a portal with the entry, you will go up a slope and arrive at the box office. The value of the ticket is 10 € per person.

I recommend that you take the map of the castle to find and know everything that the historical monument offers for you to know.

The Castle was built in Sec. XI, It has 11 torres. know more on here.

Top 4 – Convento do Carmo

The Carmo Church, It was the main Gothic church in Lisbon, and it was partially destroyed in the great earthquake of Lisbon in 1755.

The Carmo Convent was built in 1389 and it was a Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira project, and it was opened years later, in the fifteenth century. The complex which was built covered the Carmo Church and Convent.

At the site today you can see the ruins of the church and the Carmo Archaeological Museum. Besides being the headquarters of the Association of Portuguese Archaeologists.

Top 5 – Pink Street

And finally the Top 5 Lisboa, we have the most beautiful city street, the street Pink, one of the streets more ballads in Lisbon night!

He believes that the street is considered one of 12 most beautiful streets of Europe?! This position which was awarded by her New York Times.

New Oak Street, better known as Pink or Pink color Street Street, is in Cais do Sodre, right next to the metro exit and stop the main bus.

Enjoy strolling through Lisbon and discovering whether you agree with my Top 5 Lisboa!

To the next! 😉


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