By switching to Portugal began to absorb more of the culture of a country that is different from ours. So I present my Top 5: Portuguese singers.

I chose my Top 5, based on the songs you like the most and that the letter has much to say.

Top 5 – Mariza

Mariza is the most famous singer of Fado in Portugal. And since made presentations on the most important stages in the world: or Olympia de Paris, Frankfurt Opera House Opera, o Royal Festival Hall de Londres, are some examples.

Fado is the typical style of music of Portugal and soon tell you more about this pace for you!

Top 4 – Fernado Daniel

Fernando Daniel was the winner of the 4th edition of The Voice in Portugal 2016. Their first album, jump, It was released in March 2018 and got 1st place in the list of Portuguese albums.

Top 3 – Carolina Deslandes

Carolina participated in the 4th season of Idols program 2010 and ranked 3rd place in cometição.

In August 2017, launched single “A Life All”, which became one of the most quoted themes in Portuguese Itunes Top and more heard on Spotify in Portugal, and the Youtube video exceeded 7 million views in April 2018.

Top 2 – D.A.M.A

It is a Portuguese band, graduated in 2008 and successful.
Were artists MTV Linked , They made the opening of the One Direction concert at Port, which acted to 65 thousand people.

The band won the gold in 2 weeks after the presentation of Cd.

Top 1 – Diogo Piçarra

The Piçarra won the 5th edition of Idols in Portugal 2012. He had his music in a novel Sic and the launch of his last two CDs, It topped the charts of Portuguese music.

Diogo Piçarra have stayed in Brazil and was interviewed in progam The Night, Danilo Gentili. He also sang the hit song Clover, Ana Victoria.

I am a big fan of these singers and their songs and I hope you also enjoy and be more interested in knowing the Portuguese musicians.

And if you want to know what would be good @ instagram you follow and stay on top of news of Portugal, click on here.

Until next 😉


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