Lisbon is known as the City of Seven Hills and because of that is full of sights. I will introduce to you one of the fastest taste, the viewpoint which is in the Largo das Portas do Sol.

In this viewpoint we have a great view of the Alfama neighborhood and the Tagus River, on sightseeing cruises times we can see the ships anchored in the port of Lisbon. Also we got to see the National Pantheon and the Church of St. Stephen. Around the viewpoint always have artists presenting their arts and selling paintings and postcards of Portugal, the prices are very reasonable.

To get to Belvedere, the best way is to go with the electric 12 or 28 and get to know the streets wherever he goes and enjoy the ride, since this is one of the few routes that the electric is here. If you have never Electric walking, You will love the experience.

In addition to enjoy the view and maybe the sunset, side of the gazebo to have the restaurant Puerta del Sol Food and Drink, surely make a meal with so historic Alfama climate is refreshing. I value a good esplanda that has a view and this climate as European.

Taking advantage of the tour of the Alfama, we have several other sights that we can explore why there, but I will present them to you in another post and maybe come out there a Roadmap?! What do you think of the idea?

Until next 😉


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