Friday my people!!! And that day that? To choose the places where we eat this weekend…because eating is life is not the same?! The mara tip today is the restaurant Frankie Hot Dogs. 

A very rustic place, with a spicy food and the low price that fits in our pockets.

Frankie is super trendy and getting a table requires a few minutes in line, nothing too extreme and it turns out to be worth. Tas to see?

But if you think you will get there and find the typical hot dog, bread with potato sticks and salcicha, you're wrong. In Frankie's menu has a choice of hot dog with the most different compositions can imagine.

In some units Frankie the menu gets to be different, so do not be alarmed if you come one does not have in another, take the opportunity to try a new option.

My favorite are the Tuga and crisp Frankie. Each time I visit or restaurant, experience a different hot dog.


The decor Frankie is a love affair the part, even more to me that much repair the style of the place. All coated wood, low lights and drinks at the bar panel. It reminds me much of the Burgers American films.

The first Frankie restaurant in Lisbon opened in 2015 and today has two units in Lisbon, one in Porto and Braga in the last. Indico lot and the service is also excellent, although the last time I have not liked much, but overall note 10!

If you already know Frankie tells me what your favorite hot dog? 

And if you have not been, do not miss the opportunity to go and then tell me what you think.

Until next 😉


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